Discover the Dry&Go umbrella holder!

Dry&Go and let nothing get in your way!

Deki presents the Dry&Go umbrella holder. It is the old Paraplis, a product widely known in the Spanish market and to which we have added improvements and advances. With it as an ally you can now forget about having to stay at home when the weather isn’t the best for going out for a walk.

We all know how important comfort is when you have a baby and you go out for a walk. That is why this small product will become a great solution.

Dry&Go can be used for your baby’s pram, on wheelchairs or golf carts. It is adapted to different profiles and also allows you to carry your umbrella comfortably.

Try it, Dry&Go and let nothing get in your way!

Precaution is recommended for the following activities:

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Dry&Go Sujetaparaguas

Walking with your baby

Dry&Go- antiguo Paraplis carrito
Dry&Go allows you to walk comfortably with your baby without getting wet.

Your favourite sport

Dry&Go- antiguo Paraplis-golf
Sometimes intense sunshine or fine rain can ruin a good day of golf. Dry&Go is the solution.

Enjoying your free time

Dry&Go- antiguo Paraplis-silla
Whether you go out alone or you have someone with you, this is the ideal system for heading out at any time of year.



Easy to place



Adapted to different sizes and umbrellas



Enjoy your free time