Enjoy a new concept of convenience.

This multi­use clamp will help you in any area of the house, the office or even on your holidays.

This clamp is ideal for when you’re working with your computer or tablet but also want to enjoy a coffee or soft drink. With it, you’ll keep your equipment safe from accidents.

Are you constantly waking up at night to bring your little one a drink of water?

Leave them a little bottle on the clamp and they’ll even feel proud of their achievements.

Do you need to hang up the clothes but you keep having to spin round to pick up the basket?

There’s an easy solution; position it carefully with the clamp and you’ll have everything to hand.

Furthermore, you can use it in your free time, as it is ideal for use on camping trips, in vans and caravans, anywhere with reduced space and subject to movement.

Discover all the uses of this product; we challenge you to find your favourite!!


  • Use  in elements with thickness up to 40mm
  • Dimensions: 99mm x 166mm x 106mm
  • Weight : 170gr
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