About us

PrintThe origin of Deki is Ekide, a company that offers “turnkey” solutions in the field of engineering.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Ekide integrates design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, thus offering a comprehensive and complete solution to the market demands.

In this context Deki was naturally born as a way of developing our own intelligent, practical and simple products.


The brand

The Deki brand was born with the objective of creating ideas and products that make our daily life easy and comfortable. Deki is synonymous with technology and simplicity.

Deki is made possible by a large group of professionals and engineers with years of experience in product development. Our experience, in addition to research and cutting-edge technology, makes it possible to offer intelligent and safe products.


A large team of professionals works daily to offer you products that make your life easier


The knowledge, experience and know-how gained over more than 25 years are our quality guarantee.


Thanks to our international presence, users from all over the world trust in Deki products.